Anni Albers review – ravishing textiles that beg to be touched

Tate Contemporary, London
The particular intensely happy, geometric functions of the Bauhaus-trained artist vibrate with a sensuality bordering around the sexual

It really is rare in the future from a good exhibition therefore buoyed upward, so ravished and so covetous as I do after viewing Anni Albers at Tate Modern. The girl art provides pleasure towards the eye and also to the mind and also to the contact, if only a single were permitted to touch. A single wants to have the braid plus nub, in order to finger the particular frays plus proud strings, the rigidity and looseness and distinctions between smooth and wiry, metallic plus plastics within her weavings. Smell, as well, might enjoy its component, but mainly all this is within the creativity. Sensuality – bordering at the sexual – and geometric rigour, range and likeness (pleasures that will demand becoming repeated) include the work of the lifetime within Albers’ display.

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