Australia v India: second Test, first day – live!

55th over: Australia 154-4 (Marsh 8, Head 5) And Ishant nearly doubles up, nearly makes it two in two. His first ball to Head is a snorter, a proper bouncer, like the one that dismissed Head in Adelaide. That previous time he gloved it to gully. This time he gloves it over gully for a very lucky boundary. The batsman edges a single next ball, and gets down the other end.

THAT IS AN ABSOLUTE CLASSIC! What a catch from Virat Kohli. Ishant bowls the way he does, fast and back of a length, obtaining good lift. Handscomb looks to glide the ball away with an angled bat. But it’s too close to his body and gets too big. Takes the top edge of the diagonal and soars away. It should clear the cordon for four, but Kohli anticipates it. Stretches, leaps, is fully off the ground by the time the ball reaches his orbit. Reaches out his right hand, high above and to the side of his body, and grips the catch. A beauty, and the whole press box yelps with the catch and sighs in admiration with the replay.

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