Breaking Bad: The Movie? Why it could be Vince Gilligan’s worst idea

Deadwood, The Strolling Dead and today Breaking Poor have all introduced possible film spin-offs, yet history displays they’re a dreadful, cynical scheme

I can not speak for anybody else, yet I’m likely to spend all of those other week delivering several unknown postcards in order to Hollywood power-players. Written to them will be the most unfortunate warning I could possibly picture: Sex as well as the City two .

The reason why would We embark on this type of madcap practice? Because, suddenly, a number of extremely sensible tv showrunners are determined to make movies based on their particular shows. HBO is formally moving forward using a long-rumoured Deadwood film . The reduction of Ron Grimes from your Walking Deceased was instantly followed by a good announcement that will Rick Grimes would be featuring in his own Walking Deceased spin-off film. And now, many troublingly of, producer plus showrunner Vince Gilligan provides announced that he is currently focusing on a 2 hour film “set in the current Breaking Poor franchise” . Neither Aaron Paul or even Bryan Cranston are registered – at this stage – yet rumours it will be centered on “ a abducted man great quest for independence ”, point to any return regarding Paul’s Jesse Pinkman.

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