Brexit: Parliament to be prorogued tonight, Downing Street confirms – live news

EVENING meets Irish counterpart to talk about backstop just before returning to Greater london for another try to force Oct election

This can be a full textual content of Dominic Grieve’s SO24 motion. (See 2 . 23pm. )

BREAKING: When i reported previously, MPs possess requested crisis debate to obtain hold of all of the govt documents on prorogation & Simply no Deal… as well as the request is usually

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The government hopes to prorogue parliament tonite, but before MPs get delivered away for five-week break, they have got a large amount to get by means of. Here is the plan for the rest of the afternoon.

I use the term “timetable” provisionally, because at this time it is not in any way clear just how long everything is going to take. In theory, when everything had taken the maximum amount of your time allocated, the particular Commons can still be sitting down at 8am tomorrow early morning. No one needs that to take place. But the last vote, upon whether or not to have early selection, may come on around 11pm.

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