From Columbine to Parkland: how we got the story wrong on mass shootings

Right after Columbine, Dork Cullen swore he would never ever write about the mass capturing again. Yet over the following 20 years, he or she realised which he and other media had a responsibility to kill the lethal myths that they had helped make

As I went down Freeway 6 towards the Rugged Mountains upon 20 Apr 1999, looking for this senior high school I had in no way heard of within Columbine , where photos had been documented but simply no injuries, I had developed no getting pregnant of the things i was about in order to witness. That which was happening within that senior high school was unthinkable. What it captivated was considerably worse.

Who else could have recognized what we had been in for? The authorities weren’t prepared: they encircled the school plus waited meant for demands that will never emerged. There was simply no active present shooter protocol; the particular “lockdown drill” was nevertheless unconceived plus inconceivable. Exactly why would we all drill children to hide through gunmen? Nothing of us recently had an inkling which the school player with the dice era experienced begun.

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