How secondhand clothes can save student budgets – and the planet

Frustrated of quick fashion? Begin a revolution together with your wardrobe simply by swapping, revealing and fixing clothes

It might be cheap plus on-trend yet fast style isn’t the solution for cash-strapped students. Just for Mia Cruz, a style communication pupil at Gatwick John Moores University, it is not an choice . “I am highly aware of the results fast style has on the surroundings and I think they’re as well catastrophic in order to ignore, ” she states. “More individuals need to be conscious. ”

Because of our hyper-connected world plus ethical style movements for example Fashion Trend, we know read more about the industry than ever before. We know that outfit factories water pump toxic chemical substances into nearby rivers, maqui berry farmers use harmful pesticides to develop the large sums of 100 % cotton needed, plus thousands of gallons of drinking water are used to create just one T-shirt. “The industry’s dirty strategies are now very easily uncovered and when revealed they are hard to disregard, ” states Jessica Donnelly, programme innovator of style communication plus styling in De Montfort University.

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