How Self-Portrait became a cult brand

Ryan Chong’s mid range fashion brand has become a strike with celebrities and ‘civilians’ alike

Making the golf swing tag on your own new gown is of course one of the more regrettable fashion fake pas somebody can make, however, not one that usually warrants worldwide news. Which is, unless, you happen to be Meghan Markle and you are on your initial official regal tour. The particular belted reddish dress the then-expectant regal was pictured wearing walking off the airplane in Tonga last Nov went virus-like thanks to the innocent white cardboard boxes label jumping along the hemline. This read “ Self-Portrait ”, the London-based brand launched by Ryan Chong 5 years ago, as well as for him it had been as if Xmas had arrive early.

“That red outfit generated one 5bn brand name mentions within two days in the united states alone, ” Chong laughters incredulously whenever we meet in the sprawling eastern London studio room, where their teams will work amid the jovial sound. “I usually do not normally obtain CNN confirming on our clothes. ”

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