Is Loqueesha the worst film ever made?

Jeremy Saville’s film – in regards to a white guy who pretends to be a dark woman – is problematic in many ways, which usually we will at this point list

Dont really know where to begin. I do not really know where to begin. Let’s obtain the synopsis taken care of: Loqueesha (Amazon Prime Video clip, for some reason, loading now) views Jeremy Saville as Later on, a down-on-his-luck bartender who might be really good with advice yet can’t obtain his desire job being a late-night call-in agony cousin because – and this is exactly what the movie says, not me personally – as they is whitened. Actual series, said out loud, to no one: “Ah, they need black ladies and minorities. They will don’t need white man like me! ”

The following plot gadget is one of the a lot more offensive of all time: Joe re-records his season casting tape because Loqueesha, the monstrous pantomime of a dark woman’s tone of voice, submits anonymously, finds excellent success plus huge popularity. A real movie would finish with – oh, Dont really know, this particular completely a crash down? Your pet in prison? – yet I think it is a film designed to fulfil the bet produced at a Klan members’ grilling, so rather he grows and works.

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