Israel Folau finds few friends and now faces a lifestyle choice of his own | Ugo Monye

If it depends upon a decision in between religion or even career he can surely opt for the former, however it should not need to be that way

It has been per week since His home country of israel Folau’s newest comments upon social media stating hell is just around the corner “drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, liars, fornicators, robbers, atheists, idolators” , and am haven’t already been surprised in any way by the response. I’ve battled really from it all due to the fact while I am definitely not likely to defend exactly what he stated, my belief has also used a bit of battering over the past 7 days.

Easter weekend break is the most important within Christianity therefore it seems like a great time to try to give a more level-headed view on this example. On the one hand, We reject exactly what Folau mentioned – he or she is condemning individuals and the belief we have is founded on love, regard, acceptance plus forgiveness, plus certainly not growing hate. When he is looking to get people to consider Christianity he then is going about this the wrong way. You can not scaremonger individuals into attempting to explore the religion. Which is not what it is about.

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