John Lanchester: ‘Walls were coming down around the world – now they are springing up’

His last novel Capital skewered the property bubble, now his latest The Wall imagines Britain barricaded after environmental catastrophe. Lanchester talks about refugees, Brexit – and optimism

Desperate refugees risking their particular lives bridging the Funnel in little boats within the dead associated with night; intense temperatures driving people to run away their houses; politicians inciting a anxiety about others, plus railing towards traitors that “want all of us to be overrun, to be cleaned away”. They are not current news tales, but the glimpse of the possible period after environment catastrophe, or maybe the “Change” since it is known with the first large novels from the year, Mark Lanchester ’s The particular Wall . Lanchester imagines a moment later on when increasing sea ranges mean presently there isn’t just one beach still left on the planet, individuals countries that will remain habitable have become fortresses and the youthful feel bitterly betrayed by previous era because of the damaged world they have got inherited. We have been barely in to 2019 as well as the future currently seems terrifyingly bleak.

“I didn’t split my knuckles and sit back to write the novel regarding now. I used to be halfway via another new. I nevertheless am, ” Lanchester points out, almost apologetically. “It’s not really the future, yet it’s an edition of a upcoming, and it seems a lot like an edition of the future that individuals are at risk of. ”

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