Leadsom says Grieve amendment will not let MPs block no deal Brexit – Politics live

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Justine Greening , the Conservative former cabinet minister who is now campaigning for a second referendum on Brexit, was also on the Today programme this morning. If MPs fail to pass a deal by January, then the Dominic Grieve amendment passed yesterday means that MPs could vote for a “plan B” option – which could conceivably involve a second referendum.

But Greening’s interview highlighted two of the difficulties with this potential scenario.

I won’t support a no confidence motion, which is what Labour would need in order to get into government. I think in all party’s it’s time to show more leadership from the front benches and do what we need to do in the national interest.

I think when parliament finally takes its head out of the sand, as does government, and recognises that we are in gridlock, yes, we will have to have a government in place with a prime minister that can deliver on that second referendum.

UK service sector growth has fallen to near-stagnation, with business confidence weakest since Brexit vote, my colleague Graeme Wearden reports on his business live blog.

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