Martin Solveig says he is ‘especially’ respectful with women. What a twerk | Marina Hyde

After their embarrassing query to Wujud Hegerberg marred Monday’s Ballon d’Or wedding ceremony in Paris, france, the French DISC JOCKEY didn’t shun the chance to continue digging

Enormous commiserations to People from france DJ Matn Solveig, the newest person to become filmed performing something in public areas that evidently doesn’t reveal who he could be. The this-is-not-who-I-am defence will get a lot of run-outs these days, since cameraphones capture non-racist individuals being hurtful on busses, non-homophobic individuals screaming mistreatment at homosexual people outdoors a club, or any of some other variants that will increasingly beautify the age. The thing is: this is not who they actually are.

Very sometimes, the person stating the thing is stating it on the stage, before a large viewers and several television digital cameras, and is implementing remarks they have got worked out beforehand. But this particular, too, is not really who those individuals are.

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Solveig apologised “to anyone that may have been offended”, which because everyone knows may be the boilerplate non-apology

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