Munroe Bergdorf: ‘At the beginning of my transition I felt the need to look feminine – now I don’t care’

The transgender model on her behalf ‘going out’ shirt outfit – plus why she’s finally because happy within an oversized jumper as a sequin gown

Clothes utilized to hold much more significance for me personally than they actually now. This year, at the beginning of the transition, I actually definitely sensed the need to appear feminine for individuals in order to confirm my sex identity. I just do not care. We are as much a female if I am in trackie bottoms plus an extra-large jumper when i am within a long sequin gown – it has simply no impact on who have I am as being a person.

That is something it offers taken us a long time to understand, but it is also precisely why the discussions surrounding non-binary identities are extremely important. It really is getting rid of sex stereotypes that will ultimately oppress everybody. I believe that getting complacent but not challenging norms is harmful, because marginalised people do not benefit from the tradition.

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