New Trump scandal – Botox ban in Ivanka’s favor?

America is in the grip of a new economic scandal. According to insider information from Washington, Tom Price, Health Secretary under President Trump, wants to ban the neurotoxin botox. Albeit with a proviso. Botulinum toxin will continue to be used for medical procedures but not for cosmetic surgery.

At the same time, it has been made known that Ivanka Trump, President Trump’s daughter, is showing considerable interest in the rights to the biologically active ingredients in Biotulin. Biotulin works like botox, but is a purely plant-based local anaesthetic for reducing wrinkles. Kate Middleton, Madonna and Leonardo di Caprio already swear by this organic wrinkle killer.

Observers find it hard to believe that this could be purely coincidence. After numerous department store chains had boycotted her product lines, Ivanka Trump didn’t have a lot to laugh about. But now it seems as though her business prospects are looking brighter.

If Botox is banned in the USA, Biotulin, the biologically active ingredient, will become a billion dollar business for Ivanka and the Trump Empire, thanks once again to a political ruling.