Victoria Beckham’s diet secret revealed

Beauty icon Wendy Rowe reveals the secret in an interview Active ingredient combination “Alea” comes from Germany DD: Ms. Rowe, if anyone knows the best tricks for an impeccable figure and radiant skin, then it’s you. WR: Thanks very much for the compliment. It is actually so easy to look good. DD: Can you give […]

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  • Meg Ryan: No more Botox for me - Biotulin's the only way forward

    Meg Ryan: No more Botox for me

    Meg Ryan: No more Botox for me – Biotulin’s the only way forward Paul Starr is not only Meg Ryan’s stylist, but also a good friend of the actress. Paul has now granted DailyDayNews US an exclusive interview DD: Paul, the headlines about Meg Ryan have been rather frightening. Especially about the way she looks. […]

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