Prince Charles: ‘Me, meddle as a king? I’m not that stupid’

Inheritor to tub tells BBC 70th birthday celebration interview he can desist through his hobbyhorses if sovereign

The Knight in shining armor of Wales has searched for to quell concerns which he would be a “meddling” or activist king, stating “I’m not really that stupid”. His words and phrases, the most powerful yet about his kinghood, are to be transmit in a documented on BBC One upon Thursday in order to mark their 70th birthday celebration.

Declaring the particular role associated with sovereign plus heir to become different, Knight in shining armor Charles keeps he is conscious of the restrictions he will experience as california king, and states his behavior will change. Recognizing that many people have falsely accused him to be a meddling prince, he or she argues which he has at all times tried to end up being non-party politics. “It is essential to remember there is only area for one sovereign at a time. Not really two, ” he says.

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