Victoria Beckham’s diet secret revealed

Beauty icon Wendy Rowe reveals the secret in an interview
Active ingredient combination “Alea” comes from Germany

DD: Ms. Rowe, if anyone knows the best tricks for an impeccable figure and radiant skin, then it’s you.

WR: Thanks very much for the compliment. It is actually so easy to look good.

DD: Can you give our readers some tips?

WR: There are many foods that help keep your skin healthy. In my current book, “Eat Beautiful”, I have selected 70 recipes.

DD: Is it just about food and its preparation, or are there other things that one can do for impeccably beautiful skin?

WR: Well, immaculate skin is not possible without a well-functioning digestive system, for example. Irritations are often associated with problems in the gut, caused by a naturally occurring fungus in the intestinal tract – candida. If the concentration is too high, it gets into the bloodstream and causes the same old unwelcome trouble, because it releases toxins. There can be many reasons for this: bad diet, too much sugar, excessive alcohol consumption, overuse of antibiotics, oral contraceptives and the usual main suspect – stress. “The skin as a mirror of the soul” – that was something that already my grandmother was known to say, and something seems to have been on the mark.

DD: And the way to a bikini figure? Do you have any recommendations?

WR: I swear by a natural remedy: the active ingredient combination Alea, from Germany. Alea contains glucomannan, as well as green coffee and Q10. Alea’s effect has been officially confirmed by the EU. The active ingredient combination Alea not only helps give a bikini figure, but also beautiful skin. This active ingredient combination was recommended to me by Victoria Beckham, who has been relying on Alea for years. She is famous for only using natural products.

DD: Victoria Beckham is said to have put her little daughter on a diet, if one is to believe media reports. Is that true?

WR: Total rubbish – typical press hype with nothing to it. The fact is that little Harper was just eating too many sweets. After Victoria told a journalist that Harper doesn’t get given any more chocolate, because she’ll get too fat, it was immediately reported that she’d been put on a diet.

DD: Anja Rubik, Candice Swanepoel, Toni Garrn, Charlotte Wiggins, Aya Jones and Sienna Miller, and many others too, all swear by their beauty drink “Pure Skin”.

WR: In contrast to normal juices, cold-pressed organic juices are super healthy and contain a wide spectrum of important nutrients. That’s how I got the idea of combining all my favourite complexion boosters in a cold-pressed juice. Roots & Bulbs was the perfect partner.

DD: They promise clear skin and a great complexion. Can a drink do that? And what’s in it?

WR: Coconut water is extra low-calorie and provides the body with nutrients and electrolytes. Anti-inflammatory aloe vera works to prevent pimples and redness. Turmeric, also called curcuma, contains lots of anti-oxidants and works against free radicals, which attack the skin and make it look old.

Victoria Beckham’s diet secret revealed:
Beauty icon Wendy Rowe reveals the secret in an interview