‘#weareNOTgymnastics’: parkour fights to retain its soul | Andy Bull

The Global Gymnastics Federation wants to recognize parkour as being a new self-discipline, with a see to Olympic inclusion within 2024. However the parkour neighborhood is other the FIG’s efforts

The Dame du Lac lives a good hour’s trip from Paris, france, in the region of Lisses. She is the 20m high triangular wall structure, rutted plus pocked along with concrete pulls, ledges plus gullies. Within the late eighties David Belle and his close friends would come right here to golf swing, leap plus bound in one of the girl nooks to another until they will made it entirely to the system at the top. These were not only actively playing but education. There was the discipline into it. Because it almost all grew out from the obstacle program techniques Brian was trained by their father, Raymond, who had been the soldier plus a fireman. These people called this “ parcours ” or even “route”.

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It really is obvious exactly why the FIG would want to control parkour, using its huge, cool online existence. What is much less clear is the reason why parkour would like to be operate by the FIG

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