New cosmetics against mobile phone radiation

Kylie Jenner and Apple develop cosmetics against mobile phone radiation – Selfie Cosmetic

Kylie Jenner, a model from the Kardashian clan, and Apple, a technology group, have developed a revolutionary cosmetic to protect against dangerous mobile phone radiation.  In an interview with Daily Day News US , Kylie’s best friend, Anastasia Karanikolaou, tells how it all came about. You can read the full interview here.

DN: Is it true that your friend Kylie Jenner has developed a cosmetic against mobile phone radiation together with the Apple technology group?

AK: Yeah, it was Kylie’s idea. There is this HEV light which is emitted from smartphones and tablets. It’s very bad for the skin. Especially for our selfie generation, this is an important topic.

DN: And that’s also why the cosmetic line is called Selfie Cosmetic?

AK: Exactly. This cosmetic contains a filter that absorbs the dangerous blue light and makes it harmless.

DN: What exactly does this blue light do to our skin?

AK: It makes our skin older and more wrinkled. They even reckon it damages our skin’s DNA.

DN: Who says so?

AK: Independent studies from various universities.

DN: And Apple? They’re the ones that ultimately cause the blue light. Does the company want to protect itself from class actions and provide a cosmetic solution?

AK: You’ll have to ask Apple. `Kylie told me that Apple came to her and asked her if they should work together to develop a cosmetic that protects against cell phone radiation. I can’t say anything else about that.

DN: And Kylie? She’s already a billionaire. Why does she need Selfie Cosmetic?

AK: Kylie is a beauty freak – the Selfie isn’t just effective against mobile phone rays, it also makes you more beautiful.

DN: How?

AK: With a light tint and an incredible glossy effect. You always look like you just came out of the fresh air. Like you’ve just came back from holiday.

DN: Sounds like a new billion-dollar business idea.

AK: Yes, but with a meaningful background. Millions of selfies are taken every day and if we can now protect young skin from these dangerous rays, even better.

DN: Do you also wear Selfie Cosmetic?

AK: Since the first day! And the cream really is awesome.